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Meet our student who succeed their exam! Let’s see what they say about FSA….

Name: Virayuth Kumar

– CFA level 1 2013
– CFA Level 2 2014

On CFA exam

After the intense preparation for the CFA level 1 examination, I was thrilled to bits on passing the test, it was one of
the best feelings I’ve had in my academic achievements.

On Our classes

The 5months spent preparation at FSA is an enjoyable experience; the class was fun with the lecturers providing essential
tips to learning, making difficult to understand topics easy and fun. It was a time very well spent.

On Our Courses

The best part of the course is the connections built with peer students and also the lecturers, it would surely open many
windows of opportunities for both work and life.

Classes Benefits

The classes at FSA have really provided me with many tips on exam preparations, the important areas to study and a very good
support from the lecturers on problems that are puzzling to analyze. Furthermore, the school also helped in generating
study plans for effective preparation with a limited time constraint.

Strategy to success

Doing the various practice questions were one of the main strategies used to keep track of what’s understood and what’s not,
it helped to revise the contents in an organized way.


I would recommend taking CFA class at FSA, the lecturers are all industry professionals who are CFA chartered members. The
courses in very well organized to support the needs of the student and school also help in generating study plans for
effective preparation. Furthermore, the network built with class mates would provide many opportunities that would follow
up later in career and life

Name: Bing Janchoo

– CFA Level II – June 2015
– CFA Level III – June 2017
– FRM Part II – November 2015

Testimonials: “FSA lecturers and staff were excellent and very helpful in every way. Having extensive background in financial services sector and being CFA charterholders, the lecturers were able to transfer theoretical knowledge to practical application and shared such invaluable experience to the students – in addition to what is required in the LOS. Furthermore, a professional network gained throughout the course is also a priceless asset to those who wish to pursue a career in financial services industry. Last but not least, the willingness to help and the generosity of the staff here were greatly appreciated and should definitely be mentioned. I would strongly recommend FS Academy to anyone wanting to complete the CFA program.”

Name: Jutarmast Sangkompanich

– CFA Level II –June 2016
– CFA Level III –June 2017

Testimonials: “First of all, I need to say thank you to all the teachers and staffs including friends I met at FSA. I feel great as I passed the 2nd level and final level of the CFA exam from here. But I believe good time management, well plans, discipline, and positive attitude toward ourselves will help us to achieve whatever the goals we set easier.
I am appreciated all the helps I obtained from everyone in the school. I know how much dedication the teachers give to the class. I can feel the service minds of all the staffs and manager there.”

Name: Thanawat Triratanasakunloet

– FRM Part I – November 2013
– FRM Part II –November 2014

Testimonials: FSA provides its students with excellent tutors. Over the courses of both FRM Part I &
II, I have learned a number of techniques, gained a great deal of knowledge, and put into practices that
are very crucial for the exam. I also appreciate the staffs here at FSA for their friendliness and willingness
to help when you have trouble or requirement. If you target to suceed the FRM program, I assure you that
FSA can be a lot benefit for your goal

Name: Panasaya Chariyavilaskul

Class: CFA Level 1 2014

Testimonials: FSA not only taught candidate how to deal with examination wisely and directed, but also firmed
and comprehensive of financial’s knowledge

Name: Jirawat Palungvitvatana

– FRM Part I – November 2013
– FRM Part II –November 2014

Testimonials: FSA has a variety of courses that could help you success in financial path/career. Every course
fulfills you with advanced knowledge and standard material by the professional lecturer and energetic
officers who strongly support as well as encourage all students to pass the exam. Importantly, all courses
are set in the reasonable price and easy to come (close to BTS Chong Non-Si). Finally, it is worth letting
FSA be a part of my success

Name: Satit Siangwan

– FRM Part I – May 2014
– FRM Part II – November 2014

Testimonials: The FRM was a big challenge and definitely a difficult path to pursue. However, it’s not too
difficult to achieve this certify if you study here. FSA provided me with sufficient practice materials
and the course was also taught by experienced professionals who are expert in Financial Risk Management.
The lecturers gave me a flipside to extend my technical knowledge and perspective in risk. Moreover,
the class review supported my preparation for a short time with an intensive main content.

Name: Ittikorn Sriratanarungrueng

– CFA Level 1 2013
– CFA Level 2 2014

Testimonials: As a person who lacks economic and financial background that wants to be a part of the financial
industry. I decided to take this examination, which was quite complex and challenging for me. Considering
the time and effort you must put to pass this test, the teachers here had lessen it to the minimum. Their
useful tips and concepts provided within their entertaining lectures had aided me to full fill my dream.

Name: Natthapat Kamchokpattaraporn

– CFA Level I – December 2013
– CFA Level II –June 2015
– CFA Level III –June 2016
– FRM Part I – May 2014
– FRM Part II –November 2014

Testimonials: It was a good experience for me to study at FSA. Lecturers all were well-experienced and had
in-deep knowledge in financial fields. Customer services also provided a great support on materials and
any problems. The school helped me a lot to prepare for CFA and FRM exams, and I would like to thank
for all great supports.

Name: Chirawut Rungwatthanasophon

– CFA Level I – December 2013
– CFA Level II –June 2015
– CFA Level III –June 2016
– FRM Part I – May 2014
– FRM Part II –November 2014

Testimonials: The school gave me rather remarkable experience. Without the help of Financial Service Academy,
I would certainly get lost with my preparation for both CFA (Charter Financial Analyst) and FRM (Financial
Risk Manager) exams. The lecturers are all full of experiences and being able to bring up a real comprehensive
picture rather than reading a normal text. All in all, I would like to deeply express my gratitude for
being such a wonder assistant

Name: Ashok Kumar

Classes/Year: CFA Level I class June 2014

Testimonials: I found FSA lectures very constructive for preparation of CFA level 1 exam and it also helped
me in providing insight on several subject matter