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Payment Method

Payment Method

There are 5 payment options for your payment as follow:

1. Bank / ATM Transfer
You can transfer money directly into the School’s account. You may either choose to transfer money into the following School’s account name : Entrepreneur’s Resource Centre (Thailand) Company Limited

After the payment is made, kindly fax a copy of the bank slip to us at (02) 636 8138 or email to

2. Cheque

For payment via cheque, please make cheque payable to “Entrepreneur’s Resource Centre (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.” by crossed cheque marked “A/C PAYEE ONLY”

3. Credit Card

Payment by your visa and ms from any issuing banks. You must come into our office to process a transaction map

4. Cash

You must come into our office to process a transaction. The office is open from 9am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday map

5. Installment Plan 0% for 6 months

You can now enjoy 0% installment by spreading your payment period at maximum of 6 months with KTC, KBANK, and SCB.

* The Receipt and Tax Invoice will be issue after the payment completed
** Withholding Tax – 3% (Services) could be deducted