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FRM Part I

FRM Exam Part I focus on the essential tools and concepts required to assess financial risk. Passing the FRM Exam Part I is the first step to become a Certified FRM.  FRM Part I consists of Preparation, Revision and Final Gauge Mock Exam & Review as our course structure

Section 1:
Weekly Lecture Series
Section 2:
Revision & Practice Exam
Course Duration: 53 Hours 12 Hours
Course Schedule: Saturday Saturday
Course Start: August November
Course End: October November
Class Timings: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Language of instruction: Thai Thai
Class size: 30 Students 30 Students

*Class Venue: 28th floor, Sathorn Nakorn Tower (beside Chong Nonsi BTS), Bangkok

Topic consists of:

• Foundations of Risk Management
• Quantitative Analysis
• Financial Markets and Products
• Valuation and Risk Models

Comparison of Study Packages:

Choice of Study Packages Standard Fees (THB) Course Duration Material Included
FSA Lecture Slides Supplementary Study Material Catch-up Videos
FRM Part I:
• Part I Course 30,000 11 Weeks X
• Part I Course + Online Video 35,000 11 Weeks
• Part I Online Video 25,000 11 Weeks
• Part I Review & Practice Exam 6,500 2 Weeks X X X

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