Classroom Capacity

A fully-equipped lecture classroom with capacity 30 seats and 60 seats at the school where located at Sathorn Nakorn Tower, Bangkok financial district in Sathorn


FSA provides free parking on the day-classes

Parking card was required; facilities-img03-02

facilities-img04 FSA also boasts a wireless environment that allows students access to the cyber world at any time within the school compounds from their laptops or Smartphone

facilities-img05 Free flow of drinking; water, coffee (fresh roasted coffee), ovaltine and tea all day

facilities-img01 Printing & Photocopying, a chargeable service is available at the School. Please approach your course administrator for assistance

facilities-img02 FSA is pleased to support if you’re looking the right man or the right job. Please contact your course administrator to send the information by calling FSA hotline number 66 2 6368448-9

There are many number of food establishments that a mere minute’s walk from the building. There are Au Bon Pain, Little Home Bakery & Restaurant, McDonald’s, 7-11, etc.