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CFA Online Course

An online course is one you take without meeting an instructor in a classroom. Students can study through an online at your own pace at home or at work – wherever you like. The course is the same as you are attending our actual classroom training, but it is not a real-time. All lectures taking place are recorded every week and made available on School’s website, simply access the online videos via username and password provided by school.

Course Duration: 121 Hours

Topic consists of;

• Ethics & Standards
• Quantitative Methods
• Economics
• Financial Reporting and Analysis
• Corporate Finance
• Equity Investments
• Portfolio Management
• Fixed Income
• Derivatives
• Alternative Investments

Comparison of Study Packages:

Revision Course
(28 hrs.)
Preparatory Course
(93 hrs.)
Preparatory & Revision
(121 hrs.)
Online Pckg.
(121 hrs.)
Premium Pckg.
(121 hrs.)
Premium Plus Pckg.
(Includes: 2 Levels)
Premium Gold Pckg.
(Includes: 3 Levels)
► 19-week Live Class X X X
· 93 Hours (15 weeks) X X
· 28 Hours (4 weeks) X X
► Study Books X X
► Lecture Slides X
► Financial Calculator X X X X
► Online Video Lecture X X X
► Class Re-sit X X X X

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