CFA Level 1 – Revision Course

Our revision course is built-up on the knowledge learned during our preparatory course. Non-preparatory course candidates are welcome to join, but to truly benefit from our revision course, you are encouraged to have a thorough understanding of the topics through your own self-study.

Our Revision Course is designed to help you:

• Apply knowledge in question and reinforce exam techniques
• Focus on topics you fell weak
• Develop your exam strategy
• Crystallize and refresh the understanding of topics
• Obtain an overview and debrief
• Revisit some tricky and difficult concepts

Course Duration: 31.5 Hours + 3 Hours Post-test session

Topic consists of : 

• Quantitative Methods
• Economics
• Financial Reporting and Analysis
• Corporate Finance
• Equity Investments
• Portfolio Management
• Fixed Income
• Derivatives
• Alternative Investments

Comparison of Study Packages:

What’s included STUDY PACKAGES
(1) Revision Course (34.5 hrs.) (2) Online Course (124.5 hrs.) (3) Preparatory & Revision Course (124.5 hrs.) (4) Premium Package (Classroom + Online) (124.5 hrs.) (5) Premium Plus (Level 1+2) (6) Premium Gold (Level 1+2+3)
► 19-week Live Class
– Weekly Lecture Series 90 Hours
– Revision & Practice Exam 34.5 Hours
► Study Books
► Lecture Slides
► Financial Calculator
► Online Video Lectures Access
► Class Re-sit
Price incl. VAT (THB): 18,000 40,000 45,000 49,500 80,000 110,000

*All fees are quoted inclusive of VAT, which is subject to change without prior notice

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