CFA Preparatory Course

Our education program is designed to take candidates through the topics with clear and thorough explanation, making home study far more productive.

Topics are taught with the use of worked examples throughout the course. It is designed to help you:

•    Cover the vast majority of CFA Institute’s prescribed learning outcomes
•    Develop a good understanding of each topic
•    Focus on the key knowledge for the exam

Course Duration: 93 Hours

Topic consists of;

• Ethics & Standards
• Quantitative Methods
• Economics
• Financial Reporting and Analysis
• Corporate Finance
• Equity Investments
• Portfolio Management
• Fixed Income
• Derivatives
• Alternative Investments

Comparison of Study Packages:

What’s included STUDY PACKAGES
(1) Revision Course (34.5 hrs.) (2) Online Course (124.5 hrs.) (3) Preparatory & Revision Course (124.5 hrs.) (4) Premium Package (Classroom + Online) (124.5 hrs.) (5) Premium Plus(Level 1+2) (6) Premium Gold (Level 1+2+3)
► 19-week Live Class
· 93 Hours (13 weeks)
· 34.5 Hours (5 weeks)
► Study Books
► Lecture Slides
► Financial Calculator
► Online Video Lectures Access
► Class Re-sit
Price incl. VAT (THB): 18,000 40,000 45,000 49,500 80,000 110,000

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